Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sea, Sex and Sun

So the French have a theme song for summer.  It’s called Sea, Sex and Sun from Serge Gainsbourg from 1977.  (Please go on YouTube and listen to this song, even without knowing French you’ll think “oh la la”)  
You start hearing this song on the radio permanently at about the same time as you start seeing billboards all over town for pills to make you tan faster/better.  The rosé wine becomes the staple on the terraces and the Parisian scowl seems a bit softer.

(P.S.- This is why French women don’t get fat- you’d think twice about that pain au chocolat if you saw this lady on every street corner) 

Ah, it’s summertime in France. 

This is the moment of the mass exodus where every single French person travels to another area of the country all at the same time.  80 million + people and their dogs take off for 2 months of “vacances”.  While the French are pretty much always on vacation, the summer “vacances” are considered the “grandes vacances”.  Not to be confused with the 2 weeks of “vacances” that school kids get after every 6 weeks of school.  (Nothing like teaching them early that the 35-hour work week, striking, and 8+ weeks of vacation are God given rights!)  Anywho, the whole country is on vacation and they have just 3 things on their mind: Sea, Sex and Sun!!!

What is it about summer that makes everyone turn into a hornball? The lack of clothing (often topless here in France), the freedom of being on vacation or the novelty of a new location?  I’m sure it’s a mix of all of the above and more.  

Here at our vacation home on the Brittany coast for July and August, Mr. Amour and I have been enjoying the time outside of Paris.  We’ve been maximizing our twin’s naptime to have a daily siesta (no sleep involved) of our own.  We’ve also been able to recruit Papi (Grandpa) to hang around after dinner so we can go for some romantic night walks together.  Our adventurous spirit has taken us kayaking to some deserted islands where we are able to be one with nature, wet suits are very hard to get on and off but so worth it!  I went with a girlfriend (also a mom of a toddler) who was visiting us with her family to the local sex shop in the closest city.  We both stocked up for summer on some fun new accessories to surprise our husbands with and keep them wondering what we have in store for them.  Just having our girl’s night out to go to the store was a great thing.  The more you think about sex, talk about sex and fanaticize about sex, the more you’ll be having it!  

What about you?  How are you spicing up your summer?